Basic Four Layer Healing for Overall wellbeing


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Basic Four Layer Healing for Overall wellbeing

Duration : 15 days 15 Minute


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Four Layers of our Existence

Our inner-state experience creates our external life. If we want to change our outer world, we can do so by fi xing our inner-world. This is the secret, how life works. The key to our happiness, pleasantness, fulfi llment and bliss lies in our inner-world. If we truly want to experience life fully, overcome all our blocks, hurdles and have abundance, good health, beautiful relationships then we fi rst need to understand our inner-world.
We have four basic layers to our existence and these layers have a great impact on how we experience life on earth.

Our well-being depends not only on the physical body but also on our energy, emotional and mental bodies. Our physical body is affected by our energy body which is inluenced by our emotions and thoughts. There is a systematic way and a very empowering process to balance all the four layers of life. If we become aware and understand the empowering process, implement it in a right way in our life, then we will be able to balance all our four layers. We can learn to clear blocks  we didn’t know we had, heal past wounds and can improve our overall life experience.

The real change or transformation works at all the four layers of our existence: Mind, Body, Heart and Energy. We as human beings have more power over what happens in our life than we realize. We can acquire that power just by learning about the internal framework of our being and implementing it in our life.
To have more power and clarity in life, let’s understand the four basic layers of our existence.

This course is for initiationg healing at four levels, it will help you healing all your four layers- Physical, Emotional, Mental, spiritual (Energy) layer. Which will help you in overall well being. This is only meditation base course.


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