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Self Connection

Duration : 15 Minute for 15 days


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We human beings are fantabulous creation of divine on this earth but we still suffer a lot. We come on this earth with attributes of diamond but live here just as a rough stone. You know why?

We all seek success and happiness in each aspect of our life but still we lack in one thing or the other and we feel stuck. When we lack self-awareness, we don’t see the real reason of why we are stuck? Rather we have excuses and our ego to protect our self-image, which we have formed over years. Most of the time we lie to ourselves, which is really a big block in our progress and self-improvement.

“Our true-self is like a diamond hidden under many layers of ignorance.”  Sangeeta Sharma

If we want to change our life for betterment, first we need to change, then only we can bring required change in our life. But before making change in self, we need to know “What change is required?”.
For Example :
If your car develops some fault and you take it to a workshop, the first thing you will tell the mechanic is what problem you are facing while driving the car, then based on your description of the problem, the mechanic will try to find the real fault in the car. Once he finds the fault, then only he will be able to repair it.

This course will bring heightened awareness about self and you will have more clarity regarding all aspects of your life. Self awareness will take you to the journey of peeling off  unwanted layers which are hiding your real shine behind them. You will get on your true path of life to achieve success, abundance, happiness and real fulfilment.

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